2023 Conference on Economic Mobility
September 26, 2023
Opportunity Insights

The determinants of economic opportunity and intergenerational mobility are cross-cutting. This conference brought together scholars with different perspectives on economic mobility, focusing specifically on its intersections with education, housing, and labor markets.

The conference was held at Opportunity Insights’ (OI) offices in Cambridge, MA on November 30th and December 1st. An excellent opportunity for both junior and senior scholars to share their research (early- or later-stage), the audience included faculty affiliates and research associates of OI, as well as other members of the Harvard social science community. Jamie FogelMatthew StaigerMichael Stepner, and Winnie van Dijk organized the conference. Attendance at the conference was by invitation only and primarily intended for academics. For any questions, please contact Matthew Staiger at [email protected].


Thursday, 11/30/2023

  • Something Works: Misconduct and Recidivism Effects of the IGNITE Program
    Presented by: Peter Hull, Brown University
    Co-Authors: Marcella Alsan, Arkey Barnett, and Crystal Yang
  • Does Unconditional Cash during Pregnancy Affect Infant Health?
    Presented by: Krista Ruffini, Assistant Professor of Public Policy (Georgetown University)
  • Confidence and College Applications: Evidence from a Randomized Intervention
    Presented by: Camille Terrier, Assistant Professor of Economics (Queen Mary University London)
    Co-Authors: Rustamdjan Hakimov and Renke Schmacker
  • Intergenerational Mobility and Credit
    Presented by: Carter Braxton, Assistant Professor (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
    Co-Authors: Nisha Chikhale, Kyle Herkenhoff, and Gordon Phillips
  • Financial Frictions and Human Capital Investments
    Presented by: Menaka Hampole, Assistant Professor (Yale School of Management)
  • Immigration and Inequality in the Next Generation
    Presented by: Mark Borgschulte, Assistant Professor (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
    Co-Authors: Heepyung Cho, Darren Lubotsky, and Jonathan Rothbaum

Friday, 12/1/2023


The program for the 2022 conference can be found here.