The CLIMB Initiative is a partnership between researchers and colleges to improve upward mobility in America.

CLIMB Initiative Partners

Our partner institutions enroll over 1 million students at four-year schools and another 2.4 million students at community colleges, representing more than 15% of the entire US undergraduate populations at degree-seeking institutions.

Climb Conference

The CLIMB Conference was a national event dedicated to advancing upward mobility through higher education. Inspired by recent research, it brought together senior college and university administrators, researchers, nonprofit leaders, philanthropists, and policymakers to discuss the latest research on higher education and upward mobility. It launched the CLIMB Initiative, highlighted how some colleges and universities are leading the way, and began to define a new policy agenda through the College Movement nonprofit.
Session from the CLIMB Conference are archived and available on YouTube.
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We are seeking additional university and college partners to help us understand upward mobility in the U.S.