Inaugural Conference on Economic Opportunity
May 27, 2022
Opportunity Insights

We are excited to announce that Opportunity Insights is hosting a conference to discuss early-stage research broadly related to economic opportunity. Professor Edward Glaeser will deliver the keynote address on the role of cities and neighborhoods in shaping economic opportunity. The determinants of economic opportunity and intergenerational mobility cut across many areas within economics and our goal is to bring together scholars with different perspectives on these issues.


Date & Location:

  • October 20th – 21st in Cambridge, MA







Cognitive Endurance as Human Capital

Presented by: Christina Brown (University of Chicago)

Co-authors: Supreet Kaur, Geeta Kingdon, and Heather Schofield


Urban Renewal, Gentrification, And Inequality: Evidence from Chicago Public Housing Demolitions

Presented by: Eric Chyn (UT Austin)

Co-authors: Bryan Stuart and Milena Almagro


The Long-Run Effects of Residential Racial Desegregation Programs: Evidence from Gautreaux

Presented by: Rob Collinson (University of Notre Dame)

Co-authors: Eric Chyn and Danielle Sandler


Air Pollution and Economic Opportunity in the United States

Presented by: Jonathan Colmer (University of Virginia)

Co-authors: John Voorheis and Brennan Williams


Neighborhood Labeling and Youth Schooling Paths

Presented by: Magdalena Dominguez (London School of Economics)

Co-authors: Hans Gronqvist and Torsten Santavirta


Financial Constraints and the Racial Housing Gap 

Presented by: Arpit Gupta (NYU Stern)

Co-authors: Christopher Hansman and Pierre Mabille


Affirmative Action in Centralized College Admission Systems: Evidence from Brazil

Presented by: Sebastian Otero (UC Berkeley)

Co-authors: Nano Barahona and Caue Dobbin


Sent Away: The Long-Term Effects of Slum Clearance on Children

Presented by: Fernanda Rojas (Harvard University)

Co-authors: Felipe Carrera


Measuring Intergenerational Exposure to the U.S. Justice System: Evidence from Longitudinal Links between Survey and Administrative Data

Presented by: Brittany Street (University of Missouri) 

Co-authors: Keith Finlay and Michael Mueller-Smith



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