Sarah Oppenheimer

Executive Director

Sarah Oppenheimer is Executive Director at Opportunity Insights.  She guides OI’s strategies to foster economic opportunity for all, leads OI’s organizational and administrative structures, and focuses on ensuring that OI’s research and data have impacts in both academic and policy spaces.

Sarah’s work focuses on the intersection of research, policy, and practice, working toward approaches that bring sectors together toward more effective and equitable outcomes.  She previously served as the Director of Research and Evaluation for the King County Housing Authority, led cross-sector research at the Harvard School of Public Health’s Division of Public Health Practice and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Center for Community-Based Research, and worked on evaluations for Building Changes and Abt Associates.  Sarah was inspired to pursue research application and policy directions after early work as a case manager and housing service provider – experiences with wise families and residents that have continued to inform her subsequent work.

Sarah received her BA from the University of Vermont, Masters in Public Health from Harvard University, and Masters in Public Policy from the University of Washington.  She was a Social Policy Research Fellow at UW’s West Coast Poverty Center, the recipient of the Harvard School of Public Health’s Albert Schweitzer Award and the UW Center for Statistics in Social Sciences Blacklock Fellowship, and has authored numerous papers on housing and social policy, health disparities, and related topics.